Apple Inc

Apple Inc. - ticker AAPL



MACD just went positive, volatility is neutral, RSI @ 60 and betting it goes to 80.  Here we go again.  I need a bigger portfolio.  $177 a share is a lot, compared to my small amount of dollars.


IOS and browser vulnerabilities.  Negative news....
It's trading sideways lately.


12/28/2017 - Earnings due out at the end of next month.   Charts, MACD going negative, 100 day simple moving average is at 164.  Volume decreasing.  Law suit pending..... this one is screaming wait for a better entry.  If you are already in it, I could sleep soundly with all the new acquisitions and the long term possibilities ahead.


Nov. 2017

AAPL is probably going to do share buy back with the tax bill signing.  Dividend may increase.  Stock price has been fairly flat. Up one day, down another.....sideways trading.


May be the first Trillion dollar company in America.  I don't see this one going down, unless the whole sector does.  Earnings still increasing, bottom line increasing, and its products are in great demand.  I was negative on this stock (wrongly) a year or so ago.  I didn't believe the average consumer, due to the economy was spending in mass on luxury items.  (maybe thats the catch...just maybe these tools are considered to be a staple, a must have by the consumer now.)

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