Comparisons - late 2017


If we look at performance comparisons, we can quickly Google, that the S&P 500 YTD performance is a little better than 18% for the year.  Meanwhile, my portfolio is only at 13% at the time of this writing.  As we only started with one stock in March, and didn't do much until August of this year, I have no basis to compare what those numbers really mean to myself.


I also made some good trades, and some bad ones early in the year. Trying to discern all that information would be very time consuming.  By looking at the trading account chart, I can tell you the chart is almost flat for 6 months.


Whats this tell me?

It tells me that I'm not a very good trader!  Which is why, I changed my strategy to documenting, and picking clear longer term winners.  I was going for the quick trades, (swing trades) which have a tendency to go either direction.  While long term trade picks seemed to look like slower growth to me, It's becoming very evident to me,  thats not the case.


I'm really looking forward to a full year of data.  This can be take from two points in the account in my opinion.  March 2017 when I purchased by first long term hold, and then in August 2017 where I added a few more.  This brings me to a major question.  Obviously the more cash you are adding, the more growth exposure one may have.  Does adding cash on a regular basis increase the percentages?  We know it will increase the balance!

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