Stock is leveling out, being pulled down by market.  Bollinger bands say low is $65, with SMA @ $70.   Earnings out in May.  Take it for what it is.  There is better out there.




CVS Health Corp, technicals are busting out the top end of the bollinger bands!  It has a 3% short interest.


Busting out like this, to the upside, I would expect a pull back. All though I don't expect much if any...if it does.  If it pulls back into the top portion of the band, it would be sitting at 76.  The simple moving average is sitting at 73.68


2.55% dividend, with an ex-date of 1/23/18, or in it before the 21st if thinking long term.


Recent upgrade set price at $76, seems a little behind the curve to me with stock already at $78.45.

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