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Here we are almost a month later, still about $21, maybe lower.  Still not much here.



HBI Missed on 4 quarter results by 1.89%, Nearing a 3 year low.

Correction isn't helping.  Have to dig into the financial status of the company to know the true story.  I'd be cautious on this one now.


1/27/18 PE now at 14.0 and PEG is 1.8, still way below Industry comparisons, and way below the Consumer Cyclicals.  If Earnings are good on Feb 8th.  This one marches higher.  A good value play with a decent 2.65% dividend currently.



P/E 13.0 and PEG is 1.6

3 solid quarters of good earnings and a 4th quarter coming up after a banner record of sales in retail as a whole this year during the holidays!  I see this one as putting 1/2 of my position in now, and wait and see after holidays for a better entry point.


6 Billion in sales, 600 Million in profits, 2.97% dividend.  I see this one trading sideways, even with Christmas, the sentiment on this stock didn't go positive like I thought it would.


Credit rating downgraded from BBB to BBB- due to loans and revolving credit.  18% short interest, thats high.  I will wait for positive news on this one.


Short term view:

Ex-Date 11/13/2017

Relative Strength going negative.

Price falling below simple moving average.

Volume decreasing.

Momentum decreasing.


Taking a wait and see on this one, could be pausing or could be flat lining for a bit. Time will tell.  Not a great time to enter, but if I owned it already, I wouldn't be panicking.  It could be just another good buying opportunity down the road.

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