IRLP Software install for the node.


     After the Debian operating system was installed we jumped to the next step installing the IRLP Software.  This involves your node being connected to the Internet.  Once you have logged into the node as "root", you issue a command that will run a script.  This script will download to your node, and install the software and scripts needed for your node to work.  For me this was fairly easy.  It helps if you have a moderate understanding of the Linux operating system and its commands.  It is not necessary, but it does help in understanding what is going on behind the scenes when the script runs.  I can't stress enough to read the IRLP_OS_installation_Debian.pdf that David Cameron wrote, before you start.  Read it once, twice....make sure you understand it.  If not, reach out on the radio for some advice.  There is basically two options in the script.  One is for a new node.  (This is what we want for a node that hasn't got its PGP keys yet)  The other option is for a node that has already been stood up, but needs to be rebuilt.  (This one assumes you have all the necessary files already)


Again, read the documentation carefully.   It can be found here.  Follow the instructions, and you should be fine.  Take your time.