The OS install for the IRLP node.


     Well we started out by downloading Centos and burning it to a CD.  The files are found here.  This CD worked fine on a previous computer for an experimental node, a node which we can listen; however, it can not send.


We thought we could do the same for Intel Atom board in the 1U case.   When I attached a USB CD drive to the 1U node, and proceeded with the install.  We quickly ran into USB errors, although they didn't present themselves as such.  The node would just hang in the middle of the software install.  We fought through it, only to find if I disconnected the keyboard on startup it would continue, only to stop later again.  I'm a firm believer in a clean install.  So.....we started over!


This time we downloaded the Debian 6 (Squeeze-Final) Distro.  The Debian operating system went very smoothly on this Intel hardware.  It seems the Debian distribution had all the necessary drivers.  David Cameron has a very nice write up on this - pictures included!   Browse on over to on the left hand side you will see a menu system.  Look for "Embedded Nodes".    If you click on that menu item, it will take you another page.  At the top is a link for downloading the instruction manual.