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Micron Technology - ticker MU



Micron finally shows it's hand.  Remember last December, earnings were very strong, and the stock went south.  Here we are again, earnings coming out soon and the stock jumps. I see a short term no action, or market sorting out the politics.  After earnings I expect a strong and steady growth on this one.  I'm cautious, we will have to see.



I see this one as a laggard. Not in a bad way.  Just have to understand it.  It's an over reactionary stock, like SLB.  It takes time to get where it should be.  Still I wouldn't buy here. Moving average says $44.00


12/28/18 - No love for this one.  MACD just went south, RSI falling, and volume showing more sellers than buyers.  Only thing going for this stock is it's fantastic beat on revenue and expectations!  Tech may be truly in a rotation.  (see AAPL and ADBE above)



Last quarter earnings put this one on my strong buy list.  This one is all about supply and demand and the last quarter earnings showed us all that demand is high!  I bought this one before earnings, took a profit on the way down after the pop.  12 month price target by 31 analysts put this at 58.78


Lower end is at $40.00 due to shorts all over it, this last quarter.


12.28.17 - blew right past $43.00  - amazing.

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