NODE 7813


 This is a picture of the 1U rack mount system I set out to build.  We will document the build process.  Starting with the hardware, the operating system install, the IRLP software install, and finally the functionality.

The Hardware


   I purchased the 1u rack mount case from Amazon.

 (I went this way because I already own a telecom rack that sits in the corner of my office.)


 It is listed as  MitxPC 9.8" Mini 1U Rackmount Server, Intel Atom D2500HN, Quiet, Wall Mount, M1U02.  It comes with Intel Atom D2500 1.86 Dual Core Processor, with the Intel NM10  Express Chipset.  I picked this up for about $220.00



    The hard drive is a Western Digital Black - 2.5" 7200 RPM, SATA II, with 16 MB Cache.  250 GB for about $40.00  Again purchased on Amazon.


    The memory took some work, but finally found what memory that board wanted.   2GB RAM Memory CMS 4.  It is a 204 pin SODIMM, DDR3 SDRAM, DDR3-PC8500 NON ECC.  Once again, off of Amazon.







   Of course the IRLP card was purchased from David Cameron off of

 The Order IRLP page will show you the options.  I purchased just the card for $105.00, it came with the DB25 parallel port cable, and the 9 pin cable that connects from the IRLP board to the external DB9.




The cable that connects from the 1U server to the node radio, you will have to build.  This of course will depend on the type of radio you order.  As the wiring will differ.  I purchased my cable, as my eyesight is failing and soldering is such a joy!  As of this writing, I have not received it to verify the quality.  It was purchased from   Not cheap either.  If you have the time and good with soldering you may want to build your own.  This was my first node build, so I went with quality, not cheap. ($60 with shipping to AK)
 The cable I ordered will match up with the ALINCO DR-135T mkIII




And finally the Radio and Antenna for the node.  The ALINCO DR135 T can usually be found on Ebay (new) at a reasonable price.  ($160.00)   There were none to be had, so I purchased this from AESHAM for about $170.00.  I did order a small flexible dual band antenna (MFJ-J-17717PL) that I planned on putting on the node radio for about $25.00   After thinking about it, I will be attaching my Diamond X-50 that I have currently.



Total cost so far:  $675.00   Can they be built cheaper?  Most definately!  Keep in mind over 1/3 of my cost lies in the case, or the PC if you will.


You can buy a complete build from David Cameron for around $750 (rack mount case)

You also could go get a Nano-Node with LCD touch panel for $500.00  No building, just go!  I strongly recommend going with the Nano-Node.  I did.  It was my first node radio I purchased and love it's size and portability.  Thats for another web page.....


Last but not least many are building a Raspberry PI node.  Low power consumption units, with a low dollar price tag.  This is just documenting what I built, and wanted.