PPL Corporation is a utility holding company.  It operates and delivers electricity in the United Kingdom, Pennsylvania, Kentucky, Virginia and Tennessee.  It also delivers natural gas to customers in Kentucky.


   PPL was founded in 1920 out of a merger of eight smaller Pennsylvania utilities.  It operated in Pennsylvania until the deregulation of electrical utilities in the 1990s.


It has since then purchased many others and has many subsidiaries.  PPL Electric Utilities, Louisville Gas and Electric, Kentucky Utilities, PPL Global and Western Power Distribution.


It ranked number 212 on Fortune's 2012 list.

Revenue is around 7.5 billion (Q4 2016)

Net Income is around 1.9 billion (Q4 2016)


PPL also owns Peaking Plants.  Think of these as power plants that don't run 24/7 but only when high demands are needed, and as such a higher price per kilowatt hour are charged to consumers.



For a retirement portfolio, this one is a good buy at these prices.

Why will this one grow?  Besides the planned acquisitions, rates for utilities can always be balanced out.  They will be also investing in their infrastructure to keep it current, or...developing its efficiencies.



What can we say.....nothing but pain....dividends won't keep up with the down side at this rate!  Some day, but not today!




Charts are bullish.  It's to be had at a value price currently compared to it's peers.  Price target from the analysts following this stock put the low at $30.00, mean price @ 36.50 and a high target of 42.00   If you add the 5.08% dividend in also, this one should be very positive going forward.  It does have controversy over its U.K. sector; however 2 analysts put this as a Strong Buy, 1 as a Buy, 10 as a Hold, and only 1 saying to reduce, and nobody saying sell. So the worst barring any negative news, the way I see it, is a 5% dividend gain.  The best we get is the value add from price going from 31 to 36.50 and a 5% dividend.


I'm looking at this one due to being overweighted in the Energy and Financial sectors in my portfolio.

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