Pure Storage




This one fits somewhere between Netapps and VmWare.
A new company, but has lots of potential.  It has focused on very fast storage.  Big data centers with virtual infrastructure need this!

I waited for better pricing at $12.00 and its almost a double now.  Company is just starting to turn profitable.  Waiting for a pull back!!



Is currently riding the coat tails of VMWare, and rightly so.  VMware hosts many virtual servers in an enterprise environment.  With that, you don't want slow storage for this piece of the puzzle.  Think SQL servers with many reads and writes, data querring.  With that, they haven't shown a profit, yet...they missed last on the last quarter; however, they  had 5 quarters with beats on earnings.  This earnings quarter may reveal amazing news, or .....not so much.  Be careful on this one.


The charts show the price held at the first support level, ($15.80) and then proceeded north to $17.17 for the high this last friday, and closing at $16.94   Once again technicals showing this one going south.  We may be seeing the new trading range....$16-$17.


I'm going to be watching this one.  It is a speculation stock.

Currently the charts are telling me to wait for a better entry point.  Current price is at the lower edge of the bollinger bands.  If it busts through the $15.80 support level, next stop may be at $14.70, and if it doesn't stop there, we could be looking at the $12.50 price range.  I don't need this one at this point and time.  Although February the company could be announcing a first ever profit.  It's worth watching between now and then.

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