Hard one to figure at this point, at least for me.  SMA is about $78.

Next earnings is in April.  Last earnings were met with no suprises.

Active investors are buying Apple, GM, Facebook, Amazon, Google, and Netflix.   Soros is buying retailers, even JCP.  I still think it's a buy on the dips.




  PayPal recently received an analyst upgrade.  The stock has risen the last 3 trading days.  Keep in mind this stock has a class action law suit that is ongoing.  First week in February we should know more on the outcome.  December was a lack luster performance for the stock; however the technicals are screaming short term that it's going to resume its growth.  MACD has crossed over to positive in a strong bullish manner.  RSI is sitting at 60 and i expect it to go to 80.  Volume is increasing, and volatility is at the low side currently.


   My thoughts are this one will be good for most of January. February will tell the story for the rest of the year once we have earnings and the news behind them.

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