There is a ton of topics for ham radio operators.  So many I don't know where to begin.


  I started out with the idea of HF from my cabin. Simple in theory, get my license buy a radio, antenna and away we go!  It wasn't 2 weeks after I punched my ticket in February of 2015, that I discovered IRLP.  I only had a 2 meter rig, with a diamond x-50, but it was a good inexpensive way to start.  We were able to talk to knowledgeable Ham's and learn much.  Soon we were down the rabbit hole looking at all the different digital modes out there.  We discovered there is AllStar Link, then D-Star, Wires X, DMR, P25 to mention a few. The second purchase was a Nano-Node, no regrets there.  Very solid and reliable.


  Different radios, different antennas, frequencies, clubs, ...the list goes on and on.  My latest discovery by listening on the Alaska Morning Net, was a group called SOTA.  Interesting topic for Alaska.


  We will start out with a few topics and my experiences with them.  Hopefully we will keep updating this site as I learn more.


  The first place to start if you are new to the hobby and wanting to get started is to study and get your license (ticket).  Visit ARRL and read up on getting your Technician License.  I studied an hour a night at this site, and was able to pass in a few weeks.  You can log in as guest and go to the Technician link, and from there select "Flash Cards".  You can get explanation of the questions in the upper right hand corner to help you understand.




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