Camping in the RV


    Enjoying the outdoors by day and climbing into civilization at night.  It's not a bad life.  RV'ing in Alaska is all about camping.  Mainly because there is not many campsites in Alaska with full hookups.  Most of the time we are self contained; however, we do conserve water due to extended weekends or week long fun.  We carry a small quiet generator to maintain batteries and other power needs.  The big generator really guzzles the fuel and is loud.  Batteries are great for a few days; however, on long trips it is nice to not let the voltage drop to low and cycle the battery, thus shortening its life.  We find a quick run in the a.m. for the coffee, and later that night for the microwave and charging phones is perfect.  1/2 hour or so in the morning and at night.


    The winter trips, the few I have done, require that you dry camp.   RV is winterized and drinking water is carried in a 5 gallon jug.   Due to cold temps and heater cycling on and off, your batteries will go down quite fast.  This is where a small Honda or Yamaha generator is your best friend.  They can run about 10 hours on a light load.  (maintaining your RV batteries and charging up the minor appliances, like your phone or laptop battery)  Sponge baths are optional :-)



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