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12/28/2017 - MACD as a whole edging upward, since Dec.20th.  On Dec. 20th we see a low close of 23.75 for the year, with a quick but slight rebound. We are seeing a nice but again slight increase in the strength of the stock (RSI).  With the 100 day moving average being around 24.75, and the low is around 23.74 in the last few weeks, and the yearly low being at 22.71 we are feeling good about this.  24.75  minus 22.71 leaves us with a $2.00 variance.

We are right in the sweet spot, with positive signs coming!  Colder winter, dividend cut behind us, and a 10% dividend to boot.


They suffer from warm weather and declining income.  Dividend cut has happened, still a 10% yield stock.  Charts - MACD just can't cross over to positive ....yet.  This one keeps trending lower. I have to say, this one is still risky.  Speculation stock only at this time.  After a dividend cut, it will take some time before the masses jump back in on this one.


My hope is to get a good position, with a good long term basis started for the dividend growth.  We will wait for good news on weather, before we jump. Colder winter means more profits for SPH

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