Stock Picks


I've thrown this page up to hold myself accountable and also to others.

In no way is this financial advice, it is simply a documentary on my stock picking.


Our strategy is to pick good growth stocks, for the long term; however, with stocks and or companies we also know that on any given day we can have good news or bad news.  Hence we try to not fall in love with any stock.  We can have faith in the company, but not the stock.  With this in mind we are not afraid to take a profit, or even a loss if we have to, in order to reduce our risk.


In the web pages that fall under our stock picks, you will find information on stocks that we don't own yet, but are investigating.  You also will see my stock picks and transactions.  The actual quantity of shares purchased may or may not be the same as what my order was.  The date and price will be accurate, so you can see how we progress or digress.  Why you ask?  It's simple.  I don't want you to know how much money I have put into it.  This will make it harder for you to know how I favor my stocks, and your research and opinions will be your decision if you are looking to purchase.


Finally, you will also see my rules of investing.


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