Current Stock Picks

Week #3 of 2018


We are ending this week with a net gain of 0% for the three weeks of January.  The market took back the previous 2 weeks gains.  We are holding previous positions and adding positions to diversify our portfolio.  This had some impact on the percentages, as we enter new positions. Taking all my gains from BP (selling shares equal to profit) also had a change on percentages of stocks.  Still holding 75% of our initial purchase of BP, it still has an affect on the bottom line, but its bearable as we took our profit off the table.  The percentages listed are based on cost basis from purchase, not just this year.  We also added a utility to the porfolio - PPL

We are still working on our diversification.  BP and SPH are in the same sector (oil), and also APLE and BX are in the financial sector.  I do not for-see me trimming either of these.  So we will have to add more in other sectors to improve our diversification picture. Probably a Tech, and an Industrial.

Diversification by Company

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