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"Drain the Swamp"


Everyone can get behind that theme, but wait who's swamp?


In the current political employment insecurity, one has to wonder is your political career secure?  It seems to me, that if the president sees other qualified candidates and open to join his administration, your job might be in jeopardy.


Now I will say, this could be a good thing for the country!  Will it be a good political move?  Now I'm all in favor of draining the swamp. The problem is, there are many mini swamps in the big swamp!


Now trust me, I am in favor of policy or actions that favor our country!  Are we getting rid of obstacles or actually improving the swamp?  Yes, the swamp means many different things to many people, hell..many different countries!


So as investors where do we go from here?


Well for one, I am not backing off my picks that "could be" impacting to other countries, until.....they say it's impacting.

Simple as that.


Do I think utilities are doomed due to interest rates? Well yes, just as soon as you start paying my utilities.  Think about it.  My natural gas bill went up about 33% this year. That sounds like a huge opportunity for someone.  Did anybody step in and say, hey we can do better?  Not that I seen.  I can only hope. Well run utilities are expanding and replacing old equipment (life cycle) and writing it off on your bill.  My choice buy a generator, and start hauling fuel for it.


Lets look at technology.

I don't know where to start. Lets pick one....okay...cardboard.

Yeah, cardboard boxes.  I have so many boxes flattened from Christmas shopping, that they are sitting on my 8x16 trailer waiting to be hauled away.  Who caused this mess?  Amazon!  Everything from dog food to monthly care products that get delivered.  I feel so guilty seeing the mailman or UPS, person carrying that package up to my doorstep.  I need to do something special for them!  Don't forget the data that has to be collected for tracking all those cardboard boxes!  Yes I'm talking Amazon, IP, MU, HP, Apple, NetApps, VMware, EMC, everything that happens after that one mouse click on a web page! Talk about tied to the hip.


(crud,  we could include vehicles, doesn't stop, all because you clicked "add to cart")


My point today...most are focusing on politics and what it "could' mean.  I get it....I'm cautious too.  But am i going to stop paying my utilities or stop ordering my dog food because the president tweeted a firing, and a hiring?   Umm no, life goes on.  What about that trade war?  Flat scary! China hasn't even responded!  OMG!

Time to sell the house and retire!  This is it!


Okay, it's serious markets can go down.  I'm betting it will take more than a couple politicians being fired to stop this train.  Just saying.

Find your opportunity.


Note to self, get the mail "person" an Amazon card for their good service!


Be Smart, Trade Smart, and thank your delivery person.

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