How do we make the web transceiver work?


    First, and most important if using a newer operating system and browser, is to use the old Microsoft Internet Explorer browser.


I find the easiest way to open Internet Explorer is to open the Edge Browser, go to the Allstar site - i.e.


Once you have the site page open in your browser, look to the far right of the address and you will see three dots.  like   ...

Click on that and scroll down till you see  "Open with Internet Explorer", and click on it.   Internet Explorer should open with the AllstarLink web page.


Go to the menu on the browser and find "Tools", click on it and scroll down to "Internet Options".  A window will pop up.  Go to the "Security" tab.  In there we want to click on "Trusted sites".  On that page you will see a button that says "Sites".  Click on that. You should now see a box with a label above it that says "Add this website to the zone:"   Type in - https://*

Hit the "add" button.

We are going to add one more entry.

Hit the "add" button again.   These site url's should now be in the Websites box below.   Go ahead and close the window.