Yaesu Wires-X


    If you live in Anchorage, Alaska and can reach my node, all you should need is one Wires-X radio.  Info is below.


East Side in Anchorage

Frequency: 147.050

Offset: + 0.600

DSQ:  None

Mode:  DN



     Well we finally jumped.  SeaPac 2016 was the defining moment.  After seeing Wires-X in motion after a demonstration from KF7MLE and WA7BND, I was sold.


The next day we plopped down the coin for an HRI-200 which is the Wires modem, an FTM100 DR which is the node radio (cheapest way to go) and then the FT2DR hand held which will talk to the node radio.  The FTM400X/DR is the mobile radio, for Fusion or Wires-X


The computer operating system has to be Windows Vista or newer.  I have an old Windows 7 laptop, and is now dedicated to Wires X for my node.


At SeaPac we found there is another version of Wires-X coming out.  The original version was called Wires. Then Wires-X came along. The new version will be Wires-2X.  Yaesu has listened to the Ham operators and will be implementing many new features.


If you are not familiar with Yaesu and the Wires-X, it combines the digital VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) and also the data.  In another words, you can send data and talk. They even have a microphone that can take pictures and send to your buddy.  There is chat rooms feature if you like being at your computer, and of course you can take advantage of the data bandwidth and apply it to the voice mode.  You can even do standard FM with their digital radios.


As of Sunday June 12th 2016, I just finished connecting the pieces and am online.  We will have more information for those interested.


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