WestRock Co - Ticker WRK



Price has dropped to a point in time we haven't seen in almost 3 months (November).  Currently supporting a 2.82% dividend.

As interest rates rise, so I see this one doing the same. Last quarter results beat its Last year first quarter  results by 85.11% and earnings were better by a .10 cent beat.  It's price is falling.  Do I need say more?



WestRock is a smaller company than International Paper, although their growth is about the same.  WestRock has beat estimates on earning the last 3 quarters.  (at least by a nickel per share and close to a dime on some quarters)


Their P/E is @ 25.4 and the PEG sits at 1.4  Their next earnings will be announced 1/31/2018.


Sitting at $70, analysts target this at a mean of 71.40 and a high of 80 currently.


PMCF just announced the sale of Plymouth Packaging to WestRock co. (1/25/18)


From a value perspective WRK is better than IP.

WRK has suprised on earnings 3 times in the last year, while IP has only suprised once.  YTD performance, both are sitting at 11% or so.  IP is at 11.75%, while WRK is at 11.17%


Currently WRK is a better value stock, from a technical view point.

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